Finding and Becoming a Trans Elder

Online at Zoom, 19. September, 9 – 12am PDT / 12 – 3pm EDT/ 6-9pm Berlin
Click HERE find the time in your area

Language: spoken English, cc available in Zoom

Our elders are often either celebrated as the start of a movement or shunned as not progressive enough, just as the youngest generation

Adultism is a thing, just as Ageism is

Let us invite complexity and real life relationship instead anonymous lumps of generations!

Weaving stories, harvesting knowledge from and for each other!

Let us connect and call each other forward and together!

Let us intertwine trans movements and their knowledge from all over the globe!

Let us forge new relationships outside of our own generation!

Collecting trans knowledge and write up trans history: transtory!

The collected knowledge will be put into a Zine, that will be open access to all.

I am so excited for this and you!

This workshop is entails somatic aka body informed inquiry about the following subject:

Self-reflection: What Kind of trans Elder do I wanna be? How can this orient and inform my activism at the large scale and on an everyday basis?

Writing Transtory:  Collecting knowledge in Location based groups

Pair up for storytime: Diads from different generations exchange about what moved them to become active in the community as a trans person. Possibly starting a relationship, who knows.

Exchange/ Pair up in affinity groups on demand in regard to powerdynamics: f. e. Black, PoC, female socialization, inter, nonbinary, class, fat, dis_ability, location based (continent or rural/urban), age

Pay from your heart: holding both your ressoruces and your need/desire for this workshop, decide from the heart how much you want to contribute to my work and wellness. Please let me know when you sign up, so I can oversee my income and plan accordingly. What ever you give: I trust your choice and you are all of same value for me.

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