Aktuelle Termine

Juli 2020

17.-19. Stretch Festival for gay bi trans &queer men von Village Berlin e.V.


Workshop auf englisch:

InFATuation with the Fat Mäksias

Body? HELL YEAH! But when it comes to your belly fat, body negative anti-fat logics are deeply internalized and hard to challenge. There is no other tissue with such a bad reputation regarding health, performance and desirability.

Let’s gain a new frame with Mäks favorite fat facts and sense into the many gifts our fat tissue grants us unconditionally, invite peacefulness and whisper thanks to the silky honeycombs of fat.

August 2020

Workshop Reihe: Fettgewebe begegnen mit dem Fat Mäksias

eine wöchentliche Reihe über 10 Termine per Zoom

bei Interesse gerne über das Kontaktformular melden, dann merke ich dir einen Platz vor!