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Berichte über meine Arbeit

  • Dokumentation „7 Tage unter Dicken“ 2021
    • Einblicke in meine Arbeit als Therapeut_in und meine Fettgewebs-Workshops
    • Inhaltswarnung: 3.40-6.25min Erwähnung von Magenband-Operationen, pathologisierende medizinische Begriffe für fette Körper


  • Leo (Sept’21): „FATFIGHTER_IN – Mäks Roßmöller über Coronabäuche und sexuelles Kapital
  • Psychologie Heute (Nov ’18): „Ich bin dick und fühle mich gut“
  • Magda Albrecht (2018): ich zieh den Bauch immernoch ein in „Fa(t)shionista – Rund und glücklich durchs Leben“, Ullstein Verlag

Artikel über meine Arbeit aus dem US Raum

Excerpt from https://fatgirlposing.blogspot.com/2018/08/asdah-conference-healing-of-not-being.html?zx=cd2d5a1aef479c88

„The next talk that I was able to attend was by Mäks Roßmöller (pronounced „Max“), a somatic therapist from Germany who has created the #Reframefatreclaimmovement (Reclaim fat Reclaim Movement). I’ll be honest, this was my absolute most favorite talk. Their website is in German, but if you speak German or know someone who would benefit, pass it along! At one point in the talk, Mäks explained that fat often exists in the body to protect things that are delicate and precious, such as the eyeballs or inner organs which are surrounded by fat for protection. 

Then they said the most amazing thing that I have ever heard in my history of being involved in Fat Liberation: „What if fat forms on my body because it is precious?“. In that moment, with my eyes closed, my hands on my belly, feeling it move and shift as I breathed in and out, I felt gutted in the best possible way. So much of the Fat Liberation community is about undoing harmful stereotypes around fat. About accepting these fat bodies that most of the world hates so much. But this… this was a complete re-framing for me. It wasn’t about being defensive, it wasn’t about proving people wrong, it wasn’t about educating other people on my own humanity…. it was about the elegant and delicate beauty of fat, of being fat. My life is changed because of this talk. If you have a chance to attend one of their workshops please do it! 

The the information was scientific, compassionate, innovative, and mind blowing. They talked about the ways in which the body biologically stores trauma. 

An example which was both simple and likely relate-able to almost all fat people, was simply the act of sucking in your stomach for decades which makes learning to belly-breathe difficult and even painful. For me, it is so painful to take deep breaths, that I’m terrified of yawning. They also talked about fat as this living entity, with a liveliness, in constant movement. They defined Soma (as in somatic therapist) as „the living body in it’s wholeness“. And this was only a tiny portion of what was talked about. I can’t even explain the depth of which this talk touched me.“

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