Meeting Fat tissue – introduction workshop

a somatic online workshop

17. September 2021, 9 – 11am PDT / 12 – 2pm EDT
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online via Zoom, spoken English, CC is available.

Body? HELL YEAH! But when it comes to your belly fat, body negative anti-fat logics are deeply internalized and hard to challenge. There is no other tissue with such a bad reputation regarding health, performance and desirability.

Let’s gain a new frame with Mäks favorite fat facts and sense the many gifts our fat tissue grants us unconditionally in our own.

Let us invite peacefulness and whisper thanks to the silky honeycombs of fat. It’s time to start a new relationship to fat tissue outside of diet culture and the concept of attractiveness, sensing one fat cell at a time.

What if my fat tissue is a valuable part of my body that supports my whole system?

Exchange in affinity groups on demand: f. e. Black, PoC, femininity, class, fat, dis_ability, location based (continent or rural/urban)

Investment: 0€ – 100€, depending on your systemic access to money, please let me know, how much you want to contribute finacially, when you sign up.